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Interactive Waste Bin Promotes Recycling

Interactive Waste Bin Would you like to know the impact your recycling efforts are having every time you pop a drinks can or plastic bottle into a recycling waste bin? Well now you can! A collaboration between an Abu Dhabi company and the... Continue reading

Pimp My Trash Cart

Pimp My Carroca This week we’re going to put the spotlight on the people who collect recyclable materials for a living, and without who many towns and cities would find their streets littered with junk, rubbish and recyclable waste. What brought their work... Continue reading

The Definitive Guide to Packaging Symbols

Recycling Packaging Symbols Don’t be Bamboozled by Packaging Symbols. Here’s our handy guide. Manufacturers are using an increasing number of symbols on their packaging in order to help the consumer decide what can and can’t be recycled. This is all well and good... Continue reading

UK Food Waste—History and Future Changes

Food Waste Here at Rubbish Please we’ve been reading a new report written by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) which assesses how food waste levels have changed over recent years and how these can be influenced in the future. We thought... Continue reading

Different Ways to Use Your Old TV

TV Pet Bed Reruns on TV Televisions have changed remarkably over the past decade. What were once boxy behemoths have become sleek and thin vessels of not only television shows, but wifi streaming and HDMI inputs. As the gears of technology keep grinding... Continue reading

New Waste Regulations in England for 2015

2015 England Waste Regulations 2015 is now well under way and new waste regulations mean there must be a “separate collection” of paper, plastic, metals and glass for recycling. These changes have been introduced to reduce contamination and increase the quality of recycled materials.... Continue reading

Could the UK Face EU Recycling Fines for Using less Paper

Recycling Paper Annual targets for recycling are constantly changing but it appears that household recycling has barely changed in recent years. Last year there was little change from 2012 and experts say that it’s due in part to the fact that consumers... Continue reading

The Gadget Recycling Problem

Recycling Electronics Spare a thought for those gadgets you’ll be replacing this Christmas! After all shouldn’t your new IT device be more than “just for Christmas”? When you’re buying a new gadget for your loved one this Christmas spare a thought for... Continue reading

The Eco-Dilemma of Choosing a Real or Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Every Christmas Thousands of People Face the Imminent Quandary of Real vs. Fake Christmas Tree. Before Making the Final Decision Make Sure You Have All the Facts The debate over whether you should go the au natural or artificial route... Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Christmas: Decorations from Recycled Materials

Wine Cork Raindeer Christmas Shouldn’t be all About Spending Money – Spare a Thought for the Environment too! It seems that no sooner Bonfire Night and Halloween are out of the way our thoughts quickly drift to Christmas celebrations and the endless round... Continue reading