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French Lawmaker Wants Supermarkets to Donate Unsold Food

Food Market Here at Rubbish Please, we talk about recycling fairly often. Plastic, paper, glass bottles, even wine corks and dirty diapers can find new use after their life expires. However, there is one product that makes our landfills overflow but we... Continue reading

Furniture Made From Tequila Waste

Tequila agave By combining recycled plastic and waste from the tequila industry a Mexican company has created a new building material that’s very similar to wood. Chemical engineering has been used to create a material said to be less expensive and much... Continue reading

8 Ways to Reuse Your Empty Drinks Cans

Soda Can Bracelet One of the most recycled beverage containers in the world today is the humble aluminium drinks can. While recycling them is an admirable route to take reusing them is even better for the environment. We often get asked for ideas... Continue reading

How Packaging Helps Waste Less Food

Import_canned_foods_in_Kobe Modern packaging helps food stay fresher for longer – both while it’s sat on the shelf at the supermarket, and when you get it home. Think about what happens with a large majority of your food, and you’ll realise that... Continue reading

Reduce Your Waste With Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg Can you guess how many chocolate eggs are sold in the UK each year? 90 million eggs—that crazy amount of chocolate sweetness creates up to 3,000 tonnes of extra accumulated waste annually. While the manufactures have succeeded in reducing the... Continue reading

How To Treat Water At Home: 10 Top Water Saving Tips

10-top-water-saving-tips Water As a Natural Resource Being one of the busiest rubbish removal companies in London, Rubbish Please sees how many people are wasting the natural resources without even thinking. It’s true that there’s a finite amount of water no matter... Continue reading

Water Saving Week 2015 – Do You Dare to Accept the Challenge

Water Saving Week 2015 Next week is the national Water Saving Week, an initiative started by Waterwise, to raise the awareness about why do we need to save water and how can we do it. The event kicks off on March 22 and will... Continue reading

Plastic Ocean Waste on the Rise

800px-Water_Pollution_with_Trash_Disposal_of_Waste_at_the_Garbage_Beach A recent study has shown that the problem of plastic waste ending up in the ocean is far worse than previously thought. The figures have come about following new calculations made that measure how much waste flows into the oceans... Continue reading

Recycling Could be Made ‘more difficult’ in Islington

islington village sign Recycling could be made ‘more difficult’ as Islington residents face a long walk to get rid of green waste Government funding cuts are hitting hard right across the UK but nowhere is this more apparent than the Borough of Islington.... Continue reading

National Old Stuff Day

old stuffed animal On Old Stuff Day we let go of the burdens of the past and look forward to what new life has to offer us. It is always celebrated on March 2nd and while its origin remains unknown, it is becoming... Continue reading