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Microbeads Products – You Better Skip Bying Them

microbeads products What is Microbeads Products Microbeads are microscopic plastic pieces with any form and are vastly used in the production of cosmetics – primarily for exfoliants and toothpaste. Polyethylene is the most common chemical material of which microbead products are made of.... Continue reading

Spring House Cleaning – Get Your Home Tidy For The Spring

Shining kitchen after a spring clearance Spring House Clearance For All You Don’t Need Anymore Before starting the cleaning procedures all around your property, you have to make sure you get rid of all items that are not worth refurbishing as you’ll waste your time and... Continue reading

Connecting Domestic Hoarding & Poverty

Unbelievably cluttered hoarder's house. Compulsive hoarding syndrome is a mental disorder of rather benign nature. No one usually gets hurt, the authorities couldn’t care less and the media grants hoarder’s houses limited exposure. Though it is an issue nonetheless, a psychological tormentor endlessly terrorizing... Continue reading

Land Pollution Facts And Statistics

land pollution facts and statistics The following land pollution facts and statistics are supposed to represent the scale of this global issue that is one of the biggest Earth’s problems in 21st century. To make things easier, we have grouped all of the facts about... Continue reading

Victims of Trashmageddon vol. 4 – Humans

avoid respiration issues from rubbish with gas mask Waste pollution slowly kills you Since this is the fourth piece from the Trashmageddon sequence this means that if you’ve read any of the previous posts, you are already familiar with the deadly effect of the rubbish on all animal species. Continue reading

Victims of Trashmageddon vol. 3 – Mammals

panda eating bamboo How come litter affects the lives of the mammals ? The amount of garbage that is produced globally, every year is unimaginable to an ordinary person, especially to those who’re living in well-developed countries with good waste management. Continue reading

Victims of Trashmageddon vol.2 – Marine Life

ocean rubbish on a sea lion's neck Marine life suffers We already presented the Trashmageddon scenario to you and even spoke a lot about how it leads to the death of many bird species in our previous blog post about this global waste threat. Now, when most... Continue reading

Municipal Solid Waste Generation by Country (2025 Waste Predictions) [Infographic]

solid waste production by region The World Bank is making prediction for waste levels in the year 2025. The way things are going, the predictions seem fairly accurate, which also makes them quite disturbing. This should serve as a wake up call to us all.... Continue reading

3 Ocean Waste Myths You Probably Believe

ocean waste   Ocean waste – oceans are full of it. Well, not literally “full” of it, but you get what we mean – there’s a lot more waste in the world’s oceans than any of us would prefer. That being said,... Continue reading

The Victims of Trashmageddon vol.1 – Birds

trashmageddon kills the birds What is Trashmageddon ? If you are already associating the Trashmageddon to the armageddon you are partly heading in the right direction. If you want to get there, though, instead of imagining huge fiery balls falling from the sky, try... Continue reading